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thatdanguy's Podcast

Sep 9, 2011

A fun, candid chat with actor Scott Valentine. Among his many stage, screen and voice-over credits, Scott played Nick Moore on TV's "Family Ties".

Included here - we talk about his career, and the production he was appearing in when I caught up with him at Calgary's Stage West Theatre Restaurant - the riotous mobster farce "Shady Business". 

Oh, and just as a word or two of caution - for the first time in this series, the language gets a little bit salty - what can I say? Mr. Valentine is a passionate, expressive gentleman!

Don't forget to check out my official Calgary Herald review of "Shady Business":

Note: There are frequent references during this interview to "viewers". There will be a shorter video version of this interview on my YouTube Channel:

Photo Courtesy Stage West: Naomi Costain pictured with Scott Valentine