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thatdanguy's Podcast

Mar 30, 2018

"Accomplished" is rather apt as a description for the award-winning East Coast singer, songwriter and producer that swims in impressive musical circles, apropos in that she is just an impressive talent herself.

In today's conversation with Erin Costelo, we chat about her current U.S. tour, an upcoming swing through Alberta, and the 2016 album Down Below, The Status Quo.

Sounding as much like Mavis Staples as she does Joss Stone or Adele, Costelo crafts insightful songs that can rumble with her soulful delivery, yet are also haunting and affecting when that skill is showcased. 

She's also preparing to release a new album (fall of 2018), along with an accompanying documentary film on the process.  

Erin Costelo