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thatdanguy's Podcast

Jan 24, 2018

The man writes from his heart, and speaks just as warmly and enthusiastically from the same place. 

Whether he is chatting about his songwriting craft (with insight from the unlikeliest of prompts), the inspiration afforded within the residency programs at Banff Centre, or his upcoming new album, John shares plenty in our latest conversation.

John Wort Hannam 

Listen to our earlier conversation as well, from my archived episodes:

Sept 2015

Check out my feature on his annual fundraiser for ALS, "Songs For Ken" as well!

Finally, watch for Michael B MacDonald's  2017 documentary titled "John Wort Hannam Is A Poor Man" which has been selected to screen at the Central Alberta Film Festival Feb 23-25 (2018) in Red Deer, Alberta.