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thatdanguy's Podcast

Jul 21, 2013

In this episode, I have a chance to pose a few questions to the cast members of this latest Stage West Calgary musical revue, featuring hits from the biggest names in country music over the years - all of them chart-topping female artists!

You'll hear about where all of these folks have come from to date in their careers, and some of the extra talents many of them bring to the table.

While Daphne Moens was unable to attend this taping, included here are Amber Bissonnette, Cyndi Carleton, Joel Gomez, Elicia MacKenzie, Nikki Ponte, and JP Thibodeau. Click on the highlighted names to go to sites that I have directions to, or Google for links to music by Nikki and online info on Amber and Joel... 

You can also catch my Calgary Herald review of the show here, and I will also have it available on my YouTube channel, or you can subscribe for free in i-Tunes (thatdanguy's Podcast).