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thatdanguy's Podcast

Jan 26, 2016

Nova Scotia's Còig are four (not five, more on that in a moment...)successful solo artists that came together to help promote the Celtic Colours International Festival. With a string of wins and recognition for their debut album together, the quartet continue to be in high demand for their striking blend of traditional and modern folk sounds.

I chatted with fiddle player Chrissy Crowley in the middle of a tour that brought them to Calgary at the time of this interview. We talked about their career, touring across Canada in the wintertime, and working with Dave Gunning on their first album.

For some unknown reason, I also (for the first time ever!) got snoopy, and asked a personal question - Chrissy was a good sport when I put her on the spot!

Oh, and Còig is "five" in Gaelic Scottish - the number "4" was determined not to be a great band name. 


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