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thatdanguy's Podcast

Jun 15, 2014

Mark Bellamy is one busy fella. At the time of this interview he was just wrapping up a run directing Shrek The Musical for Storybook Theatre. Shortly, he will take over in a new role as Artistic Producer over at Lunchbox Theatre. But the reason we connected for this was his current project, "Avenue Q" at Stage West Calgary.

Mark and I discuss that award-winning play, as well as just a bit of his career, plus how much leverage a director has in bringing visions to life on stage.


You can also view this on my YouTube channel, or download it for free from iTunes (thatdanguy's Podcast).

A summary of this conversation is also available from my Calgary Herald blog.

Check out Stage West Calgary for all the details on "Avenue Q", running June 26-August 31, 2014!