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thatdanguy's Podcast

Feb 16, 2016

Mitch Dorge is connected to music in every fibre of his being. That is indisputable  - whether he is playing live, helping other musicians achieve their own dreams, writing for TV soundtracks, or by inspiring kids with his program in conjunction with The Co-Operators. He likely even snores in 4/4 time, when he does allow himself time to rest. 

During his time with The Crash Test Dummies, he was nominated for Grammy awards and JUNOs - picking up one of the latter. As a producer and musical colleague in his hometown, he's helped a wealth of fellow Winnipeg musicians.

He even somehow finds time to provide soundtrack material for OLN's "Escape Or Die", starring Dean Gunnarson, as well as others.

I talked to him ahead of his recognition for the work he does for kids, with "In Your Face & Interactive", which recently won him the Sir Hugh John MacDonald Memorial Award - a prestigious accomplishment...

Mitch Dorge

This podcast interview also links to a companion feature in my online Calgary Herald space.