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thatdanguy's Podcast

Sep 29, 2017

In this wide-ranging interview with Australian roots musician Kevin Bennett (Kevin Bennett & The Flood, Bennett Bowtell Urquhart), I discover more than I had unearthed in my homework ahead of the feature, including his recent collaboration with Lyn Bowtell and Felicity Urquhart (he's planning on recording with...

Sep 28, 2017

Halifax-based singer and songwriter Gabrielle Papillon will be releasing her sixth album Keep The Fire, mid-October 2017.

In this phone interview, we talk about that new album, her prior work, and how those combined works have expanded the depth of her sound.

Along the way, we talk briefly about Neil Young, the benefits...

Sep 12, 2017

A free-wheeling conversation with Alberta roots songwriter Carter Felker, on his career to date. He keeps busy throughout Alberta from his base in Calgary, even appearing at The Calgary Folk Festival in 2016. 

We chat about his cd/digital download Everyday Life, his musical influences, and more!